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What Makes Breaston Unique - continued

The Derbyshire Landscape Character Assessment describes the countryside as lowland village farmlands – defined as large scale open gently rolling lowland landscape associated with the lower slopes and terraces of broad floodplains; a mixed farming landscape defined by medium to large regular fields with thorn hedges, and punctuated by discrete villages.

There are several larger land uses such as the reservoirs owned by Severn Trent, one of which is leased by a power ski club, although there is no public access to the reservoirs. There is a community woodland nearby, Orchid Wood, which is owned by the Borough Council.  This was purchased in 1997 and is being developed as a wooded area retaining open areas and a gradually developing footpath network.

Sensory Garden

The village itself:

There are 4420 people living in the village.  The village can trace its roots back for 2000 years. The largest growth in the village has been in the last two centuries; in 1801 only 379 people lived in the village.  Most housing is owner occupied.  There is some former council housing west of the village centre. There is also a former council complex for the elderly.

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