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The Parish Rooms

Blind Lane

Breaston  Derbyshire

DE72 3DW

Tel: 01332 870119

Parish Councillors and their Responsibilities on the Parish Council

Tim Byard

4 Draycott Road, Breaston

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Roger Cockle

23 Firfield Avenue


DE72 3EG

Chairman of the Environment Committee

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Graham Elliott

8 Heath Gardens


DE72 3UH

Chairman of the Highways and Lighting Committee

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John Luke

2 Mount Street


DE72 3AJ

Chairman of the Finance Committee

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Margaret McCaig

97 Wilsthorpe Road


DE72 3EA

Chairman Parks & Cemeteries Committee

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Kevin Miller

43 Main Street


DE72 3DX

Vice Chairman of the Parks and Cemeteries Committee

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George Mounsey

12 Shirley Crescent


DE72 3BZ

Chairman of the Parish Council

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Robert Parkinson

Amber Lodge

Mill Hill Lane


DE72 3AX

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Gaynor Watts

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Julie Rowlinson

142 Wilsthorpe Road, Breaston

DE72 3AG

Vice Chairman of General Purposes & Highways and Lighting Committees

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Graham Fisher

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Heather Wrigglesworth

18 Plackett Close


DE72 3UG

Vice Chairman of the Parish Council & Chairman of the General Purposes Committee

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Listed in alphabetical order Other representatives: County Councillor Borough Councillors Member of Parliament

Each Parish Councillor has the opportunity to provide a ‘personal profile’ for inclusion on the site.  Where these are available they may be viewed via the links below.

The Register of Councillors’ Interests is available to view - click here (updated May 2019)