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The Parish Rooms

Blind Lane

Breaston  Derbyshire

DE72 3DW

Tel: 01332 870119

Parish Council Committees 2016-2017

Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Council

Chairman Cllr Mounsey

Vice Chairman Cllr Wrigglesworth

Parks and Cemeteries Committee

Chairman Cllr McCaig

Vice Chairman Cllr Miller

Cllr Pepios

Cllr Rowlinson

Cllr Toon

Cllr Cockle

Highways and Lighting Committee

Chairman Cllr Toon

Vice Chairman Cllr Elliott

Cllr Pepios

Cllr Parkinson

Cllr Clarke

Environment Committee

Chairman Cllr Cockle

Vice Chairman Cllr Elliott

Cllr Luke

Cllr Parkinson

Cllr Miller

General Purpose Committee

Chairman Cllr Wrigglesworth

Vice Chairman Cllr Rowlinson

Cllr Clarke

Cllr Elliott

Cllr Luke

Cllr McCaig

Finance Committee

Chairman Cllr Luke

Vice Chairman None

+ Chairmen of the other Committees

Normal Meeting Days

Council – 2nd Monday of the Month except August 7.15pm.

Highways & Lighting  Cttee 8.30am Wednesday before Council meeting

Parks & Cemeteries Cttee 9.15am Wednesday before Council meeting

Environment Cttee 9.00am Monday of Council meeting

Finance Cttee as required

General Purposes Cttee 10am Wednesday before Council meeting

Agendas for forthcoming meetings and Minutes from May 2014 can be viewed from the Agendas and Minutes page

Note: Parish Council Chairman and Vice Chairman are ex-officio members of all Sub Committees